Design Patterns

In this series, I explore and analyze interesting mechanics and broader design principles. Read on if you're interested in game design, from board games to tabletop RPG or video games!

Extraordinary Physics

Discover little known, yet striking results across physics and mathematics. Written in an accessible way for semi-technical readers, yet with enough details to satisfy the more advanced readers.

History is Stranger than Fiction

Looking for colorful ideas to include in your campaigns? This series explores historical settings that expand our imagination. From the role of debt to the social organization of ancient societies, challenge your players to identify which of your creation is real, and which ones comes from true historical facts!


Commentaries and reflections on system-wide issues. Capitalism, climate, history: The story we tell ourselves can - and should - be challenged.

The Tactics

First principles and experience-based ideas on how to improve your decisions, productivity and well-being. Hint: It's not about your MBA or Ivy League diploma (at least, not anymore).